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200: Justin Jackson — Bootstrapping on Open Standards

Justin Jackson has been successfully bootstrapping with a small team throughout the ups and downs of a shifting economy. He even rejected massive clients...

199: The SaaS Solution-Workflow Fit

Looking to build a successful SaaS business? Don't just focus on product-market fit. In this video, learn about the Solution-Workflow Fit, a crucial element to conside...

198: Rob Fitzpatrick — Tinkerers, Thinkers, and Teachers

Rob Fitzpatrick is a serial entrepreneur, a writer, a community leader, and a very curious human being. I talk to Rob about building an incredibly complicated business...

197: Securing your SaaS

How to secure your product, the business, and an eventual exit, including using established frameworks, outsourcing to secure third-party vendors, and having clear and...

196: Troy Hunt — Securing Your SaaS

Troy Hunt (of HaveIBeenPwned fame) is a cybersecurity expert who has been around long enough to be able to give actionable and pragmatic security advice without compli...

195: Don't Fall for the Follower Count Trap

Goodhart's law is powerful and important to remember for every creator: when a measure becomes a target, people tend to optimize their behavior to meet that target, wh...

194: Matt Wensing — Publish Your Juicy Thoughts

Today, I’m talking to Matt Wensing — the founder behind Summit and tweeter of many often controversial things. We talk about bootstrapping a financial SaaS, how to dea...

193: Stair-Stepping with Plugins: Platforms to Build On

Stair-stepping into software entrepreneurship is a great way for developers to start their own businesses without taking on massive risks. Building a plugin on an esta...

192: Colleen Schnettler — Stair-Stepping into SaaS

Today, I’m talking to Colleen Schnettler, co-founder of Hammerstone and build-in-public podcaster. We talk about getting bootstrapper-compatible funding, juggling way ...

191: Writing for Founders

Arvid shares what writing can bring to the founder table.Self-funded entrepreneurs can benefit from honing their writing skills, as it can be used to communicate ideas...

190: Hassan Osman — Writing on the Side

Today, I’m talking to Hassan Osman— he’s the host of Writer on the Side, and himself a prolific writer. We talk about crafting books that sell (and keep selling), self...

189: Be The Kindest Person in the Room

Arvid talks about how applied kindness builds a brand and an audience.In a hostile world, many founders isolate themselves, but this isn't sustainable. Kindness change...

188: KP — Building an Authentic Personal Brand

KP talks about building in public, sharing your journey, and becoming a respected community member.

187: Negative Reviews are Good for You

Arvid looks at bad reviews and how to handle them.

186: Brennan Dunn — Mastering Email Marketing

Brennan shares the secrets to using emails to build relationships and increase your revenue.

185: The Monkey and the Pedestal

Arvid shares a productivity framework that makes task prioritization much easier.

184: Laura Elizabeth — Building Software Products As a Non-Technical Founder

Laura shares her experience building businesses without knowing how to code.

183: Expanding Your Opportunity Surface

Arvid talks about improving your chances to get where you want to be.

182: Daniel Fayle — Door-to-door to $2M ARR

Daniel shares his journey to $2M ARR, from early marketing stunts to running a stable business.

181: The Role of Trust in Remote Work

Arvid talks about remote work best practices that empower both employee and employer.

180: Marissa Goldberg — Running a Remote-First Business

Marissa shares how to solve common remote work problems such as underwork, overwork, and office-life-balance.

179: Founder Mental Health Pitfalls

Arvid explains common mental health issues and what to do about them.

178: Patrick Campbell — Life After a $200mil Exit

Patrick shares the ups and downs of building and selling a $200mil business — and the role of founder mental health.

177: Diversify Your Creator Portfolio

Arvid talks about having many irons in the fire (successfully.)

176: Jay Clouse — Creative Commitments

Jay shares how to build trust, align all your projects, and build communities.

175: Realistic Building in Public for Introverted Founders

Arvid shares his 5 tips to create consistently as an introvert.

174: Ana Bibikova — The Introvert Superpower

Ana shares how introverts can prosper as entrepreneurs without having to yell.

[Bonus] Sahil Lavingia — Gumroad’s Pricing Disaster

Arvid asks Sahil why Gumroad changed their prices and how he's dealing with the community backlash.

173: Build a Defensible Indie Business

Arvid shares the kinds of moats indie founders can build around their businesses.

172: Andrew Gazdecki — Building a Sellable Business

Andrew explains how to build a business that can get acquired for millions. Arvid is mesmerized.

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