166: Daniel Vassallo — Building a Portfolio of Small Bets

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Arvid talks to Daniel about small bets, SaaS pricing, and using Twitter to build wealth.
Today, I am talking to Daniel Vassallo, writer, founder, and person with very strong opinions. He is building a portfolio of small bets in public, on Twitter. I will talk to him about the importance of making money in diversified ways, how to structure your life around being a founder, and how to figure out which business ideas might actually work.

Here is Daniel Vassallo.

What is the lifetime value of a subscription business? 1:12
Different kinds of software fit different pricing models. 5:04
What is a portfolio of small bets? 9:30
Business is unpredictable. You need to radically reduce the input. 13:48
What common things do you share with other entrepreneurs? 17:46
Don’t try to be too novel. 21:31
What’s a good approach to spreading out your experiments? 26:14
What is the best price for your business? 40:08
How Pieter Levels’ portfolio has changed over time. 45:58
How you can use social media to get new ideas. 51:26
Sometimes it’s something seemingly unrelated that opens your eyes to a new way of doing things. 55:01

- Daniel's Revenue/Days on Market graph.

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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
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166: Daniel Vassallo — Building a Portfolio of Small Bets
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