180: Marissa Goldberg — Running a Remote-First Business

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Marissa shares how to solve common remote work problems such as underwork, overwork, and office-life-balance.
Today, I’m talking to Marissa Goldberg. She’s an expert in remote work and guides companies and founders alike toward a future-proof workplace. We’ll talk about productivity, best practices for going remote, and setting up a remote team of all sizes. Here’s Marissa.

00:00:00 Remote Work and Future Proof Workplaces
00:02:03 What is Remote Work Prep?
00:06:54 The right approach to go about remote work.
00:11:00 Traditional hiring doesn’t work for remote teams.
00:17:29 Integrating rest into your work.
00:23:10 The perversion of productivity & responsiveness policies.
00:27:27 Issues with video calls.
00:31:02 The difference between a conversation and a phone call.
00:37:12 How to transition from pandemic remote to normal remote.
00:41:10 The culture of control and top-down decision-making.
00:45:29 There’s no place to hide with remote work.
00:51:58 How do you keep doing what you do?
00:56:23 What is impostor syndrome? What is it and why does it exist?

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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
Empowering founders with kindness. Building in Public. Sold my SaaS FeedbackPanda for life-changing $ in 2019, now sharing my journey & what I learned.
Marissa Goldberg
Marissa Goldberg
Revolutionizing how we live by changing how we work. Tweets about the future of work, productivity, & wellness. Founded @remoteworkprep in 2018.
180: Marissa Goldberg — Running a Remote-First Business
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