Pieter Levels

Pieter Levels

👦 php+jquery4life📸 https://t.co/lAyoqmSBRX $79K MRR🖼 https://t.co/1oqUgfD6CZ $52K MRR🛰 https://t.co/ZHSvI2wjyW $47K/m🌍 https://t.co/BjTozWAXwG $32K/m🏡 https://t.co/mbOj6YT5C0 $14K/m💬 https://t.co/GO6ZlNWFax $4K/m

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262: Pieter Levels — The Indie Hacker’s Guide to AI Startups

My guest today, Pieter Levels, claims that "Indie Hacking is dead." Yet, Pieter runs several indie AI startups (and a few traditional ones), totaling  $250,000 in reve...

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