176: Jay Clouse — Creative Commitments

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Jay shares how to build trust, align all your projects, and build communities.
Today, I’m talking to Jay Clouse, a creative entrepreneur, and all-around amazing human being. We’re talking about keeping it all together as a solo creator, what makes a personal brand work, and how important authenticity is in building an audience.

00:00:00 What to do about all the attention-grabbing out there
00:05:00 A trust-based paradigm for your work
00:12:15 The importance of being a human being and not a brand
00:18:11 Challenges of aligning all of your projects under one umbrella.
00:23:02 Can you even find good names at the start?
00:28:57 The importance of having a backlog of ideas.
00:32:37 Will I ever get to this level of quality?
00:37:05 Choosing priorities
00:43:11 The mechanics of building community & building relationships with people
00:46:15 Teaching sentient beings to do things that are good for them (and good for you)
00:50:42 An audience is like an insurance policy

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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
Empowering founders with kindness. Building in Public. Sold my SaaS FeedbackPanda for life-changing $ in 2019, now sharing my journey & what I learned.
Jay Clouse
Jay Clouse
Creator Scientist | Studying how creators break through • Podcast: https://t.co/SYNH1ZnCOq (HubSpot Network) • Investor @MavenHQ • Prev. led community for @patflynn
176: Jay Clouse — Creative Commitments
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