181: The Role of Trust in Remote Work

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Arvid talks about remote work best practices that empower both employee and employer.
I was chatting with Marissa Goldberg about remote work this week, and she gave me several handy frameworks for founders who want to build remote-first businesses. At the center of any successful remote work relationship lies trust.

And surprisingly, many businesses have a tough time trusting anyone once they can't see them at their desk in the office. Remote work is throwing a wrench in the time-honored tradition of butt-in-seat-hands-on-keyboard that so many managers consider to be the pinnacle of productivity.

Remote work does away with this.

00:00:00 Remote Work is Here to Stay
00:01:28 Async is the New Default
00:04:42 The Deep Work Zone
00:06:17 Trust and Having Nowhere to Hide

- The Role of Trust in Remote Work
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Arvid Kahl
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181: The Role of Trust in Remote Work
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