182: Daniel Fayle — Door-to-door to $2M ARR

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Daniel shares his journey to $2M ARR, from early marketing stunts to running a stable business.
Today, I’m talking to Daniel Fayle — co-founder of Chekkit, a business he and his team have boostrapped to $2mil in ARR. We’ll touch on finding the right vertical to get started, how to do things that don’t scale, and what choices need to be made to get a business to 7 figures. 

00:00:00 Daniel Fayle
00:05:35 Getting started with Chekkit
00:09:00 Local marketing & picking verticals
00:12:05 When to hire a team?
00:17:25 Integrations
00:22:33 Pricing choices
00:25:32 How to be inspired by competition?
00:29:54 The importance of customer support
00:36:31 Setting limits on free trials
00:41:55 Use the tech that your customers use
00:47:15 How to stay on top of your game

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182: Daniel Fayle — Door-to-door to $2M ARR
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