203: The Art of Naming Your Business

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What are the factors involved in choosing a solid business name? From securing an available domain to choosing a unique name for SEO reasons, I delve into the linguistic and cultural considerations of choosing a business name, including avoiding potentially offensive or negative connotations in various markets.

I also emphasize the importance of trademarking the business name and domain to protect from infringement and legal disputes. Future-proofing a business name involves securing social media handles and reevaluating and possibly undertaking a rebranding process if the business's direction changes significantly or the target audience's preferences shift over time.

This podcast episode offers practical insights and tips on choosing a fitting business name that represents your brand's identity and promise.

 https://namemesh.pro/ : Generates domain name suggestions based on your keywords.
 https://www.shopify.com/tools/business-name-generator Offers a variety of business name ideas based on your input.
 Lean Domain Search: Matches your keyword with thousands of potential domain names.  Namium is great, too.
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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
Empowering founders with kindness. Building in Public. Sold my SaaS FeedbackPanda for life-changing $ in 2019, now sharing my journey & what I learned.
203: The Art of Naming Your Business
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