210: Dr. Sherry Walling — The Reality of Burnout for Entrepreneurs

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Few people had an impact on my founder journey as Dr. Sherry Walling — and she didn't even know. But I got to tell her! We discussed burnout, imposter syndrome, and stress among founders. Sherry explained the need for mental health professionals who understand the unique challenges of entrepreneurship and shared that burnout is a diagnosable issue. 

While entrepreneurs have more control over their work, long hours and hustle culture can still lead to burnout. Her book, "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Shit Together," helped me during a period of burnout while selling my business. 

Now, you get to learn from her and her deeply actionable insights into founder psychology.

00:00:00 Introduction to Sherry Walling
00:03:13 Mental health in the entrepreneur community.
00:09:17 Do entrepreneurs have control over their destiny?
00:15:22 How do you find good mastermind groups?
00:21:52 Mental health is not always called mental health
00:28:20 Grief is the emotional reaction to loss
00:34:06 You can have relationships with people who don’t get it.
00:40:24 Mental health apps are not a replacement for therapy.
00:45:59 Why aren’t more people talking about mental health?

The WIRED article about mental health apps: https://www.wired.com/story/are-mental-health-apps-worth-trying/

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Arvid Kahl
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Sherry Walling
Sherry Walling
Psychologist to entrepreneurs. Author 2x. Podcaster. Speaker. Advocate for psychedelic therapy. Contributor to @Entrepreneur. Lover of circus. In grief.
210: Dr. Sherry Walling — The Reality of Burnout for Entrepreneurs
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