214: Fatih Kadir Akın — Selling a Global Sticker Business

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When Fatih started his sticker business Stikkernet, his peers asked him, “You’re a developer; why don’t you write this from scratch?” His response? “Why should I?”

Today, I'm talking to my dear old friend Fatih Kadir Akın — or fka for short. We discuss his unexpected journey of building a successful business out of a simple idea. Fatih shares his experience with building Stikkernet and how he grew his audience through community building. We chat about the challenges of logistics when shipping internationally and how Fatih found solutions that worked so well it lead to an exit.
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  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:51) - Stikkernet
  • (10:05) - How Fatih became a sticker expert in Turkey
  • (18:28) - The perfect product for community-based marketing.
  • (29:02) - Sticker Mule
  • (33:03) - What is developer relations?
  • (38:17) - Do you still get to code?
  • (41:52) - Community-building
  • (47:54) - The pressure of starting a business.

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fatih kadir akın
fatih kadir akın
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214: Fatih Kadir Akın — Selling a Global Sticker Business
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