244: Emmet Gibney — Referred Into the Role of CEO

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Emmet Gibney truly walked the path less taken. Today, you'll hear about an extraordinary journey from customer support to interim CEO of Rewardful. You'll gain insights into how Emmett skillfully braved the transition following the company's acquisition by a private equity group. This episode will acquaint you with the power of referral and affiliate programs, and how they can provide the much-needed edge to entrepreneurs in their quest for growth.

This conversation with Emmett is a goldmine of subject-matter expert insights. We discuss the lucky turn of events that propelled him to the position of interim CEO at Rewardful, and his role in the growth trajectory of the SaaS Group. You'll learn about the intricate management processes this Private Equity company has woven for its portfolio companies. Understand the distinction between customer referral programs and affiliate marketing programs, and the art of setting them up. Emmett's experiences serve as a testament to the potential personal growth and career trajectory that can be achieved by working your way up — or being referred, as we find out.

We also delve deep into the art of building successful referral and affiliate systems. Listen to the success stories of two indie hackers and explore the strategies to build trust with affiliates and identify the right people for your affiliate system. Embrace the wisdom of the long-standing community members and learn how to attract the right newcomers to your work. This episode is not just about strategies but also about the nuances of human relationships in business – a true masterclass for entrepreneurs and those in the SaaS industry.

00:00:00 Journey to Interim CEO at Rewardful
00:11:47 Transitioning to Private Equity
00:22:16 Referral and Affiliate Programs for SaaS Businesses
00:35:41 Building Affiliate Systems for SaaS Businesses
00:39:11 Finding and Building Affiliate Partnerships
00:44:43 Community-Centric Approach in Business

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  • (00:00) - Journey to Interim CEO at Rewardful
  • (11:47) - Transitioning to Private Equity
  • (22:16) - Referral and Affiliate Programs for SaaS Businesses
  • (35:41) - Building Affiliate Systems for SaaS Businesses
  • (39:11) - Finding and Building Affiliate Partnerships
  • (44:43) - Community-Centric Approach in Business

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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
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Emmet Gibney 🇨🇦☘️
Emmet Gibney 🇨🇦☘️
Building @getrewardful into the best affiliate tracking platform for SAAS businesses.Tweeting about SAAS and stuff.
244: Emmet Gibney — Referred Into the Role of CEO
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