246: Corey Haines — Mastering Product Marketing

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Get ready to learn everything about product marketing from our guest today, Corey Haines. Corey is a marketing pro who knows a lot about selling the right products to the right people. He talks about problems that indie hackers often face and gives helpful tips to solve them. He also invites us behind the scenes of his new business, Conversion Factory, which helps young companies with their marketing.

We chat about how Corey went from doing freelance work to starting his own company with two friends. He shares how they came up with the idea for Conversion Factory, their special way of (product) marketing, and how they make products really popular. We also look at new ways of doing business, comparing old and new methods — using subscription payments in an agency is pretty new ground. Corey's thoughts on this are really interesting and could change how you think about business.

We end our talk with Corey's views on how software and starting a business have shaped his career. He talks about why selling a product might be easier than creating software. We also discuss the benefits of having a business that makes steady money, which can help start other projects. Corey's experience in running a marketing company and the importance of being an expert in your field offer great advice. This conversation is full of useful tips for anyone interested in starting a business. So let's dive in and learn from Corey's experience!

Corey on Twitter: https://twitter.com/coreyhainesco
Conversion Factory: https://www.conversionfactory.co/

00:00:00 Indie Hackers' Struggles With Product Marketing
00:11:53 Hire Marketer, Launch Conversion Factory
00:17:56 Starting an Agency
00:30:36 Company Size and Service Needs Correlation
00:42:12 The Role of Software and Entrepreneurship
00:46:56 Website Design and Product Marketing
00:57:50 Product Marketing and Building Service Subscription

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Arvid Kahl
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Corey Haines
Corey Haines
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246: Corey Haines — Mastering Product Marketing
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