292: Josh Pigford — The Open-Source Transformation of Maybe

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Josh Pigford (@shpigford), who created Maybe and Baremetrics, talks about bringing his financial tool back to life by making it open-source!

This has sparked surprisingly high levels of interest and even investment. 

Within two weeks.

In our chat, we delve into the challenge of building a platform that simplifies financial data, similar to how Zapier simplifies automation, all under public scrutiny. The goal? A community-supported plugin system and a customizable personal finance operating system for every life stage. Josh also discusses considering changing the technology behind his project to Rails, weighing the pros and cons of different tech choices, and the reasons people contribute to open-source projects.

Josh on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shpigford

00:00:00 Building Maybe
00:10:44 Standardizing Financial Data Integration
00:16:40 Choosing Tech for a Development Project
00:24:37 Bootstrapping and Funding Open-Source Projects
00:33:13 Motivation and Fulfillment in Helping Others
00:38:04 Open Source Software and Long-Term Goals

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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
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Josh Pigford
Josh Pigford
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292: Josh Pigford — The Open-Source Transformation of Maybe
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