308: Michael Taylor — Prompt Engineering for Fun & Profit

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Mike Taylor (@hammer_mt) literally wrote the book on Prompt Engineering. He paints a vivid picture of a future where generative AI could make our traditional databases look like ancient relics, and the role of developers shifts dramatically. Instead of crafting code, they could be steering the helm of AI-generated software, potentially dealing with the whims of a virtual 'petulant child.' 

Our chat pushes us to ponder the changing value of code and the skills that will matter in the face of technology's relentless march forward. What does it mean that we are providing the training data for AI systems with every click and every word we type? Are we working for the machine? Is the machine working for us? 

What do authorship and ownership look like in this future? Tune in to learn from someone who has their finger on the digital pulse of an industry that changes every day.

00:00:00 The Future of AI and Coding
00:09:29 Ethical Engineering Certifications and Implications
00:17:44 Testing and Optimizing AI Models
00:27:32 Ethics and Future of AI Development
00:39:14 Future of AI and Writing Books
00:44:19 Approaching AI in Book Writing
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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
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Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor
🤖 Writing a Prompt Engineering book for O'Reilly🕹️ Data-driven marketing courses at Vexpower📈 Built a 50 person agency at Ladder
308: Michael Taylor — Prompt Engineering for Fun & Profit
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