316: Marybeth Alexander — Knowledgebase Secrets

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Marybeth Alexander is the Chief Executive Owl at KnowledgeOwl, a SaaS that focuses on providing the most impactful knowledgebase you could possibly have. We talk about using knowledge management systems outside their "usual" domain of customer service: Marybeth teaches how you can employ a KB for marketing, sales, and even internal documentation purposes. 

We also tackle the topic of AI in knowledge management, how extremely simple pricing can be a growth lever, and we dive into the sustainability practices of a B-corp.

It's a ... knowledge-packed episode!

00:00:00 Tools and Scope in Customer Service
00:09:14 Utilizing AI and Knowledge Bases
00:14:12 Importance of Documentation in Software
00:21:31 The Future of Knowledge Management
00:27:11 AI Tools and Data Compliance Integration
00:35:42 Intentional Growth Strategy and Business Model
00:41:21 Building a Purpose-Driven Business
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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
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316: Marybeth Alexander — Knowledgebase Secrets
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