230: Moritz Dausinger — Serial Indie Entrepreneurship

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Today, I’m talking to Moritz Dausinger, a serial indie hacker with several exits under his belt. Moritz most recently pivoted his software business Refiner after 18 months of trying to figure out a way forward. Well, now he’s found it. We will chat about figuring out how to structure sales, how and who to hire, and if he wants to sell this business again, for a third time.

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  • (00:00) - Introduction to today’s episode.
  • (03:04) - How did you get involved with the indie hackers podcast?
  • (10:11) - It’s never just about execution.
  • (16:40) - The importance of bootstrapping.
  • (20:16) - Getting funding for Refiner.
  • (24:47) - How to outsource your technical work.
  • (29:29) - How did you decide to sell your company?
  • (35:47) - The importance of building a good relationship with the seller.
  • (38:38) - Sharing your story in public.
  • (42:23) - The importance of sharing your story.
  • (47:50) - Bridging the gap between sales and customer service.
  • (51:56) - Pricing structure for dual models.
  • (57:43) - How expensive is it to run a database server?
  • (01:03:08) - What is the perfect sellable business?

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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
Empowering founders with kindness. Building in Public. Sold my SaaS FeedbackPanda for life-changing $ in 2019, now sharing my journey & what I learned.
Moritz Dausinger
Moritz Dausinger
Founder of @refiner. Serial SaaS entrepreneur. Coder. Wannabe musician. 🇩🇪🇫🇷🇪🇺
230: Moritz Dausinger — Serial Indie Entrepreneurship
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